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The Cannabis Industry's Go-To IT Partner

Get planning, management, and support services from the cannabis IT experts at Cure8.

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Your One-Stop Shop for IT, Here Whenever You Need Us

Cure8 is the go-to IT partner for the cannabis industry. We're the company you call whenever you need help with anything tech - including POS systems, surveillance systems, networks, and back office computers. Though we're happy to serve you on as-needed basis, we work best as a long-term partner, helping you plan your IT so it aligns with your overall business goals, and monitoring, managing, protecting, and supporting your IT 24/7 so you never have to worry about tech or downtime and are always secure and compliant. We're pretty sure our clients feel that way, too.

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When We Say Partner, We Mean It

We don't use the term "partner" lightly, either. We're genuinely interested in helping our clients succeed and grow, and are here to offer any services and advice you need to help you reach your goals. Of course, it's easy to say things like that and not follow through, which is why we rely on our impeccable track record and our clients' good word to back us up.

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Our Story

Cure8 is the cannabis IT services division of GeekTek, a boutique IT consulting & services firm for 15+ years.

Like Cure8, GeekTek combines intelligent, high-level guidance with top-tier IT management and support.

We've supported cannabis businesses for many years, and were there to help launch the first recreational stores in Canada in April 2019.

Our Leadership

Eric Schlissel


Eric is the CEO/CTO of Cure8, one of the world's leading cannabis IT services providers. From 1998-2008, he started, scaled, and sold 5 different tech startups, including multiple social networking platforms.

Eric has been a featured panelist at many cannabis industry events, including those put on by the NCIA and CCIA. He's also a respected IT thought leader outside of the cannabis industry, being quoted in publications such as Wired, the Los Angeles Times, InfoWorld, and InformationWeek.

Munir Haque

VP of Operations

Munir is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced cannabis technology experts in North America. He specializes in retail technology and security, and has worked closely with cannabis retailers to design, set up, and manage over 100 dispensaries in the last few years.

One thing that sets Munir apart is that he has deep, ground-level experience in retail management, so he understands the day-to-day needs and frustrations of retail managers and employees better than most.

Shankar Iyerh

Director of Sales & Marketing

Shankar leads B2B organizations (including senior sales management, product, and project teams) and builds a foundation for them to scale with an analytical edge.

He combines his passion and perseverance to find a winning edge, build great teams, and enable great cultures while leading with a customer-centric approach to enable organic growth.

When To Reach Out to Cure8?

We're happy to help with anything IT-related, but most companies reach out when they're dealing with one of these problems.

Opening 1st Location

Get Off on the Right Foot

When you're opening your first location and could use IT help with matters such as product selection, procurement, site design, and installation, or want to get these responsibilities off your plate

Opening New Locations

Smooth Scaling

When you're an existing business opening new locations and want to make sure your current IT setup (which may have been set up quickly without much forethought) follows best practices and is standardized, scalable, and easy to manage; and to get help planning and executing your expansion

Sick of Constant IT Problems

When It's One Tech Issue After Another

When you want to switch from a reactive IT model, where you're constantly "fighting fires" and dealing with IT issues, to a proactive IT model, where a professional team monitors and manages your IT 24/7 to prevent issues from occurring in the first place and disrupting your business

Concerned About Risk

Protect What You've Built

When you've already built a successful cannabis company and want to limit your exposure to IT risks like downtime, security breaches, and compliance violations

Unhappy w/ Current IT

Too Reactive and Slow to Respond

When you're disappointed with your current IT company, especially if they drop the ball or cause delays with new facility rollouts or take too long to respond to critical issues like POS and internet outages

IT Team Overwhelmed

Too Much to Do for Too Few People

When you have in-house IT, but they're overwhelmed, can't respond quickly enough to issues, or you're worried about relying on a single person or small team that can't be available 24/7/365

Why Cure8

Track Record of Success

We've never missed a deadline for a launch, are trusted by some of the biggest names in cannabis, and we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating in the industry

Old Hands at Cannabis IT

We have more experience than anyone in cannabis IT in the US and Canada, working with businesses of all sizes and in every vertical over the years, including retail, manufacturing, and distribution

Experts at Tech

We have the depth and expertise to help with everything from basic POS tech support to advanced cloud, networking, and virtualization projects

24/7/365 Availability

As a team, we never take breaks or vacations, we're always watching your IT, and always ready to respond quickly to emergencies, even after hours, so you're ready to open up in the morning

10 Min Response Time

With certain packages, we can respond to issues in a minimum of 10 minutes for emergencies and can have someone onsite within 2 hours

One Vendor for All Your IT Needs

We can handle all your IT needs from planning to launch and management and scaling, so you only have one vendor to deal with

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