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How to Get a Medical Marijuana License in Alabama

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What: In-person seminars on how to get a medical marijuana business license in Alabama
When: 10/24/2022-10/27/2022
Where: TBD, but most likely a location in Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, and/or Mobile

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Remember to Request Your Application!

Alabama will release their medical marijuana license applications on October 24th, 2022. To be able to fill out an application, you MUST request one from the state BEFORE October 17th, 2022. Go here to request yours.

What We'll Cover

Alabama Licensing Basics

  • License Types
  • Application Process Overview
  • Timeline / Deadlines
  • Fees

We'll cover the license types available, the application process timeline, what areas have opted in to the medical marijuana program, and more.

What's in the Application?

  • Key Sections
  • What It All Means
  • What's Not in There
  • Q&A

We'll cover all the main parts of the application and what they mean (it isn't always clear), and answer any questions.

Application Writing Best Practices

  • How Long Should It Be?
  • Formatting
  • Style
  • When to Go Into Details

How long should your application be? How detailed should you get? What are some key points to cover for each section? We'll cover it all.

Maximizing Your Score

  • How It Will Be Scored
  • Most Important
  • Least Important
  • Q&A

What are regulators looking for when they're scoring an application? What can help you stand out and give you a leg up over hundreds of other applicants? We can't read minds, but we can tell you what has worked in the past in other states.

Key Mistakes to Avoid

  • Common Mishaps
  • Examples
  • Consequences
  • Q&A

With hundreds of applicants going for a max of 25 licenses, regulators are going to be looking for reasons to disqualify your application or remove you from the running. Make sure that doesn't happen to you, and avoid these common application mistakes we've seen in other states.

Tech & Security Requirements

  • POS Selection
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Network & Back Office IT
  • Security Plan Writing

Tech and security are two of the most important elements you need to plan and lay out in your application. Fortunately those two things are our specialties, and we'll cover all the points you'll need to consider in writing your application.

Expected Presenters

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Alabama Medical Marijuana Licensing

When will Alabama start accepting medical marijuana business license applications?

October 31, 2022. You have to request an application before October 17, 2022. Once you get the application, you have until December 30, 2022, to submit the completed document. Licenses will be given out on June 12, 2023.

About the Seminars

When will you know the exact locations of the seminars?

We will let you know the exact locations and dates of the seminars by October 14, 2022, via email.

I'm just looking for help with my application. Can I reach out about that instead?

Sure, no problem, just schedule a meeting with us, and we can help you plan, outline, and write your application.

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