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how to open a dispensary in new mexico

How To Open A Dispensary In New Mexico In 2023

New Mexico is now among the 30 plus states in the United States to have decriminalized marijuana for medical and recreational use. And applications are now being accepted from individuals interested in becoming legal marijuana retailers and dispensary owners licensed by the cannabis regulatory

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Guide to Open A Dispensary In Saskatchewan
Opening a Dispensary

How to Open a Dispensary in Saskatchewan

Overview Canada Canada was the second country in the world (after Uruguay) to formally legalize the possession, cultivation, acquisition, and consumption of recreational cannabis and

Guide To Open A Dispensary In Rhode Island
Opening a Dispensary

How To Open A Dispensary In Rhode Island

In May 2022, Rhode Island became the nation’s 19th state to legalize recreational marijuana, allowing the state’s already-established dispensaries to start selling cannabis for recreational

Cannabis Compliance Software

Top Cannabis Compliance Software

Maintaining compliance with laws and regulations is critical in the cannabis industry. If you’re not in compliance, you can be fined or have your license

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