Cannabis Social Networks Every Business Should Be On

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Social networks are powerful tools for cannabis business owners to reach their target audience. But there are some restrictions, let’s walk through them:

Mainstream Social Networks

Many cannabis businesses struggle with social media marketing due to ever-changing rules and “Community Guidelines.” Advertising on the internet is like walking on eggshells; you never know when you’ll get a shadowban, which is when social network giants like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook suddenly hide or restrict your postings from the organic followers you worked so hard to gain.

When your brand is shadow-banned, your interaction and reach are severely limited. Worst of all, you’re not informed or given any formal notice. Posts and even accounts may be deleted if the social media platforms decide that they violate community guidelines.

If any of these things happen repeatedly, your account may be permanently deleted. Months, if not years, of hard work online might be erased with or without your knowledge.

The social media platforms giants are great places to boost your cannabis business but unfortunately, just like Thanos’s snap, your account can be wiped off into dust in no time.

Instagram: The King of Cannabis Business

Surprisingly yes, but only till this Facebook-owned social networking site decides to pull down cannabis-centric pages. So, if you’re ready to take the risk, Instagram is for you.

Instagram is by far the most popular mainstream social media site among cannabis entrepreneurs. This is due to two factors: the platform’s emphasis on beautiful visuals and the site’s demographics. 

Instagram is essential for a cannabis business to have an online presence, but the account must provide value to its followers in the form of information or entertainment.

Instagram will become even more important to cannabis businesses once its advertising guidelines are relaxed. 

Twitter and Cannabis Businesses

When it comes to cannabis content, Twitter is the most tolerant of the big three (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). However, this does not always imply a better experience for businesses and customers.

Although the rules are easier to work with, as a customer service platform Twitter requires intense time and energy. To have success on Twitter you often have to work at it all day, every day.

Now let us understand, how can you drive your cannabis business through social media networks:

General Tips for Success on Social Media

Here is how a social media account can be turned into a reliable marketing and customer engagement tool without infringing any social media regulations or violating any legal obligations.

The strategy of “please buy my stuff” isn’t going to work in an increasingly saturated market. However, instead of “hard-selling,” a smart rule of thumb is to keep your social media presence focused on providing useful information.

To run and manage a successful cannabis social media account, targeted content plays a big role to engage people. The idea is to develop content that encourages people to subscribe to newsletters and visit a brick-and-mortar store. Because cannabis businesses are unable to offer e-commerce transactions on social media, they are unable to use these platforms in the same way that many other businesses can. The content creation must be so amazing that it will entice consumers to visit a physical location rather than simply click a link.

Cannabis Industry-Specific Social Networks

Here are the Top Cannabis Social Networks where cannabis business owners can engage with their target audiences without any restrictions:


Allbud is a cannabis-related social media platform that connects medical cannabis patients, doctors, entrepreneurs, and investors. The site features forums where users may debate issues including the newest cannabis research and how to acquire your doctor’s approval.

It has a searchable database of licensed cannabis dispensaries in your area, organized by the state or city. You can also place classified advertising for goods or services. 


Wikileaf is a social network for cannabis entrepreneurs that also functions as an online marketplace. Wikileaf is a website that provides resources and tools for novice, intermediate, and expert growers. 

Members get access to information on plant science, production techniques, legal guidance from attorneys in their network, and cannabis culture on the site.


One of the earliest social media networks for cannabis users and businesses is the Grasscity forum. It was one of the first internet cannabis forums, which was established in 2000. The website also features a dedicated marketplace for buying and selling cannabis-related goods and services, which accepts bitcoin payments. 

It originated as an online cannabis discussion forum for farmers. And now with over 1.5 million monthly visitors, it is now one of the most popular cannabis websites on the internet. 


MJLink is essentially LinkedIn for cannabis users and businesspersons. Naturally, this is a great place for all kinds of cannabis entrepreneurs to network and grow their industry exposure. MJLInk also works with WeedLife and they share a 3 million user base. So, there are a lot of people actively on here and almost all of them will have cannabis-specific expertise to offer.

As part of the MJLink website, you can also access the HempTalk forum which is a very large repository of information on all cannabis-related topics. For larger businesses, this platform works as a place to liaison with other big names and compete effectively for industry presence, talent acquisition, and other benefits. 


CannaSOS is regarded by many as the cannabis social network to watch out for in 2021 and beyond. This site combines professionals and cannabis enthusiasts in one social media platform. It also offers a very extensive library of information on cannabis strains.  

You can find discussions on things like strains, proportions, user experience, etc. It even provides access to experts where users can ask questions too specific or otherwise unanswered in its forums. Further, it offers users the option to showcase social media promotional activities on its own platform. With this innovation, CannaSOS is definitely a great cannabis social network to be part of.


Among cannabis social networks, LeafWire is one of the most promising and prodigious. The entire website is very well made and speaks to the experts market it caters to perfectly. The company behind the website itself wants to draw business owners and investors in the cannabis market space. This is their core area of interest, and this gives LeafWire a very distinct and important position among cannabis social networks.

Further, LeafWire has a feed-in from the most trusted cannabis news sources. So, users can get all the most important and emergent cannabis news from its forums and news tabs. Further, they can also locate any previously registered research or news through its repositories.

Take Away

Cannabis social networks are the only secure places for cannabis lovers and brands to post information and communicate, and they will continue to be so.

These platforms assist cannabis aficionados in learning more about the plant and industry, as well as businesses in reaching out to more potential clients.

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