Make Your Pot Profitable With POS — The 16 Best Dispensary Point of Sale Systems

While support for legal cannabis is growing, the restrictions on retail marijuana are pretty intense. Dispensaries are, after all, handling a federally illegal substance. While most dispensary owners understand why compliance laws have to be strict, that doesn’t make following these rules any less complicated. 

Thankfully, there are now many POS systems catering to cannabis retailers. Not only will these products keep your business legit, they could help you boost your bottom line. A properly-installed POS system will serve an essential function in your dispensary’s operations. 

What Does “Dispensary Point Of Sale” Mean?

Often abbreviated “POS,” point of sale systems are retail-oriented programs that help businesses with their day-to-day operations. In addition to tracking sales and inventory, POS software can organize information for taxation, analyze consumer patterns, and initiate loyalty programs. 

The only difference between retail POS and dispensary POS is that the latter has special features for people in the cannabis industry. Most significantly, dispensary POS systems help businesses stay compliant with their state’s cannabis laws. This includes seed-to-sale tracking, taxation reporting, and age verification scanners. 

Anyone in the cannabis industry should only invest in a POS designed for dispensaries. Not only will this POS keep you up-to-date with your state’s laws, it will make it easier for budtenders to process transactions. 

What Are The Key Features Of A Dispensary POS Software? 

The most significant features in any dispensary POS system are related to compliance laws. Your POS system should integrate with your state’s approved seed-to-sale tracking protocol (e.g., Metrc). You should also verify your POS provider can handle taxation, inventory management, and any state-specific reporting procedures.

Of course, POS should also facilitate fast, secure, and easy payments at your business. In the cannabis sector, this means using ID scanners to verify each customer’s age and buying patterns. Since every state has different purchase limits, cannabis owners need POS to ensure they’re not selling too much weed to any one customer.

Besides keeping you compliant, this customer tracking feature can help you make shrewd business decisions. Indeed, many POS systems have built-in business analytics so you could monitor your most successful employees, products, and promotions. With this valuable data, you could devise and deploy loyalty programs, sales, or advertisements via your POS protocol. 

Sometimes, dispensary POS systems offer bonus features like weed delivery tracking, in-app queuing, and SMS texting. There are even some companies that provide Smart Screens to display menus in your store. While these add-ons are neither necessary nor available in every software, they could make your dispensary stand out. 

What Are The Best POS Systems For Dispensaries? 16 Stellar Options

Green Bits

With roughly $4 billion in annual sales, Greenbits is unquestionably one of the leaders in the dispensary POS space. Founded in 2014, this San Francisco company boasts partnerships with over 1,200 dispensaries in at least 13 states. Customers who use Greenbits rave about its easy-to-use interface, 24/7 customer support, and 99.9 percent AWS uptime. 


The Florida-based Helix BioTrack is one of the oldest and most respected dispensary POS providers in the business. Most famously, this company was behind Washington State’s first successful Traceability System in 2013. For over ten years, BioTrack has helped thousands of dispensaries with features like automated data entry, CRM, and customized label creation. 


Flowhub is a Colorado-based POS provider that has been in business since 2015. Since its founding, this company has won over thousands of customers with its sleek Apple-like design and 99.9 percent uptime on AWS and Google Cloud. Flowhub also claims it was the first company to successfully integrate with the seed-to-sale tracking system Metrc. 

MJ Freeway

MJ Freeway deserves credit for being the world’s first successful dispensary-focused POS system. Launched in 2010, MJ Freeway places a heavy emphasis on each client’s ROI with features like automated reminders on inventory, data visualizations, and staff scheduling tools. Today, MJ Freeway hopes to expand its reach in the cannabis supply chain as a part of the Akerna company.


If you’re looking for the most decorated dispensary POS, then COVA is your best bet. This large POS provider has dozens of “critics choice awards” to its name thanks to its superior customer service and software. A few of the features COVA offers include mobile queuing for customers, branded gift cards, alternative payment functionality, and on-demand product information.


IndicaOnline is another well-known POS provider that offers fancy perks like digital TV menus, SMS marketing, and integration with Weedmaps. However, please keep in mind IndicaOnline offers a basic and premium plan with different features and prices. Also, IndicaOnline has a dedicated delivery-tracking service for dispensaries that are interested. 


Leaflogix is a New York-based company that helps dozens of clients in four continents keep track of their cannabis. One unique feature of this company is their cashless LeafPay ATM that allows customers to quickly and securely pay for products. Leaflogix is also proud of its API integrations and partnerships with companies like Leafly and Metrc. 


The Colorado-based company Adilas offers a wide variety of cannabis POS systems for those involved in retail, eCommerce, cultivation, or distribution. On top of its high compliance standards, Adilas offers a unique “university” program where business owners could refine their knowledge of POS. Adilas also helps organize meet-ups with people in its community to help with networking. 


Greenline markets itself as the premier POS system for Canadian dispensaries. All of Greenline’s systems have been integrated to comply with Canada’s current cannabis standards. In addition to Canadian compliance, Greenline offers perks like digital signage, online menus, and integration with Leafly or Merrco. 

Viridian Sciences

Viridian Sciences is one of the largest cannabis POS providers thanks to its partnership with SAP Business One. Dispensary retailers will enjoy access to many impressive features like automatic auditing and financial tracking across multiple stores. Viridian Sciences is also device-agnostic and works fine on Windows, Mac, or Linux. 


Headquartered in Seattle, GrowFlow is a highly regarded POS provider that now works with over 1,200 dispensaries. Companies who use GrowFlow enjoy easy-to-navigate screens, visual data points, and instant alerts on inventory and employee performance. One unique feature offered with this POS system is the GrowFlow Live function, which allows retailers to connect with wholesalers in real-time. 


Founded in 2013, Dauntless is a multi-store dispensary POS provider that offers plenty of convenient features, including online menus, cloud reporting, and Quickbooks money management. In addition to the Dauntless POS system, users gain access to the company’s GIANT platform. Short for “Global Interoperable Application Network Technology,” GIANT helps everyone involved in the cannabis business connect via one API. 


If cannabis delivery is your game, Meadow may be your solution. Interestingly, this company began as a cannabis delivery website operating in California. Over time, Meadow evolved into a full-fledged POS provider for Californian dispensaries. To this day, the Meadow team specializes in providing tracking and compliance reporting for CA dispensaries that offer delivery. 


Weave is a Google Cloud-based POS system that promises 99.9 percent uptime to all of its dispensaries. Compatible on both Windows and Mac, this POS software offers a convenient debit card feature to help dispensaries boost their sales. This Boulder-based business also has a dynamic eCommerce engine for dispensaries that offer buds online. 

WM Retail

Since it first launched in 2008, Weedmaps has been the go-to site for stoners. Today, dispensaries could take advantage of Weedmaps’ huge online community by signing up for the official WM Retail POS system. Besides gaining massive visibility on Weedmaps, people who join WM Retail enjoy Metrc compliance and integration with WM Orders. As a bonus, WM Retail never charges monthly fees on its hardware. 


Dispensaries that prefer using Apple products may be interested in the iOS-enabled BLAZE POS. This Metrc-compliant software has multiple features that make purchasing pot a breeze. For instance, the BLAZE app allows your customers to self check-in rather than waiting in lengthy lines. For swift transactions, BLAZE now offers its proprietary BLAZEPAY debit and credit platform.

How Do You Choose The Best Dispensary POS System?

There’s no magic formula for choosing the perfect dispensary POS system. Every business owner needs to review their budget, preferences, and needs before researching any of the companies listed above. However, no matter which POS you go with, compliance should be your top concern.

If your POS system won’t work with the cannabis laws in your state, then there’s no point investing in it. The main point behind installing a dispensary POS is to take all the legal hassles off your back. Be sure your POS provider has a thorough understanding of your state’s cannabis laws and that they will keep abreast of the latest cannabis law developments. 

After you’ve squared away compliance issues, take a look at your POS provider’s bonus features and aesthetics. Ask yourself whether this company’s offerings are a good fit for your store’s vision. If possible, contact the POS company directly and ask for an in-store trial. Demos are a fantastic way to see how a POS system works for you without making a commitment.

You should also chat with your POS provider’s customer care division and gauge how easy it is to reach a representative. Ideally, there should be no issues contacting customer service whenever you have a question.

Lastly, be sure to ask what happens in the event of a blackout or poor Internet connection. Even if the power goes out, you need to be sure your POS can keep chugging. 

OK, I’ve Chosen My Dispensary POS—Now What? 

Since every POS system is slightly different, there’s no general walkthrough for setting up this software. However, you will need to verify your hardware and preferred back-end systems integrate with your POS provider’s offering. 

Thankfully, most POS providers now offer in-person installation to help take the burden off your shoulders. Even if your POS company doesn’t install your system on-site, they should provide robust customer support to help you along the way. 

Of course, Cure8 is also here to help you master your cannabis IT needs. Whatever you need for your cannabis business, we’re sure you’ll find it in our extensive POS catalog. For more information or a consultation, be sure to call Cure8’s team at (855) 394-1420.

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