Cannabis IT Services for Mid-Sized Operators

A Step Up in Tech Services & Support

Your cannabis business is growing, and so are your IT needs. Let the experts at Cure8 - with our extensive resources, reach, and partner network - manage, maintain, and support your tech, so you can stay compliant, remain focused, and keep scaling.

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Get the IT You Need to Support Your Operations & Growth

For dispensaries, cultivators, processors, distributors, & vertically-integrated firms with 5-20 locations.

You wouldn’t call yourself a “big business” or enterprise, but you still have big-time IT needs. Trust the experienced team at Cure8, the world’s leading cannabis IT services provider, for rollouts, IT management, IT planning, security, and more. Stay compliant, prevent outages, and get faster and better tech support, all for less than hiring in-house.

Key IT Services for Mid-Sized Operators

Available as either individual or bundled services


We Review & Improve

We'll review your current IT, cybersecurity, and security for performance, compliance, and alignment with best practices and offer guidance on how to improve it. Great if your tech is giving you problems but you can't pin down the cause, or if your tech has grown so much in size and complexity that you can't get a handle on it.


Managed IT & Security Purchasing

Let Cure8 handle acquiring all your IT products for you, including PCs, tablets, barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, and more. We're experts at finding the right products at the right price and overcoming any supply chain issues.

New Location Rollouts

Smooth, Compliant Setups

Cure8 can help you with every aspect of your new location rollouts, including application writing, floorplans, procurement, and installation. Infrastructure we can install includes internet access, local networks, WiFi, POS systems, ERPs, surveillance systems, and back office IT.

Managed IT & Cybersecurity

Maintain Compliance & Availability

Avoid costly outages, compliance violations, data breaches, and other tech problems with 24/7/365 IT monitoring, management, and support. Includes around-the-clock tech support with guaranteed response times for emergencies of less than 5 minutes.

Surveillance Management

24/7 Maintenance & Troubleshooting

We'll take care of making sure all your cameras are working and recoding at all times, and fix them when they're not, so that you and your security team always have visibility into your operations, and you're always in compliance with your regulator's surveillance requirements.

Our Services Cover Everything IT, Including:


Surveillance System


Digital Signage


Internet and Phone

Back Office

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Stay Compliant

IT is a key part of staying compliant as a cannabis organization, including for track and trace/inventory control systems, surveillance system maintenance and video storage, and records management. We'll make sure you have the right security, redundancy, and system controls so you're covered.

Avoid Costly Outages

Now that you're getting bigger, tech outages can result in big-time losses. We can help you design your IT for resiliency and maintain it, and ensure tech doesn't keep you from maximizing your productivity and revenue.

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Cyber security for the cannabis business

Keep Your Data Secure

The bigger you get, the bigger the target you are for hackers. Cure8 will help you stay secure and avoid the reputation damage that can occur with security breaches involving customer data.

Scale Quicker and Easier

We don’t just maintain what you have, we’re experts at the tech aspects of new facility buildouts too, including floorplan overlays, procurement, and installations. We move quickly, have never held up a launch date, and can work anywhere in the US or Canada.

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Turn IT into a Source of Growth

Dealing with a constant series of tech outages and problems, and slow and ineffective support? It doesn't have to be that way. Cure8 will keep you up-and-running and covered with 24/7 IT management, maintenance, and support.

Key Use Cases

We're happy to help with anything IT-related, but most mid-sized operators reach out when they're dealing with one of these problems.

Unhappy with Current IT Company

Maybe They Just Don't "Get" Cannabis

Perhaps you've outgrown your current IT company, or maybe they just weren't very supportive and competent to begin with. Cure8 can support businesses of any size, anywhere in the US or Canada; we're a full spectrum tech provider; and have a long track record of success and satisfied clients.

Internal IT Needs Support

Too Much to Do for Too Few People

Already have in-house IT resources, but they're overwhelmed? We're happy to act as an extension to your existing team and support you in any way you need.

New Need for Fulltime IT Resources

When It's One Tech Issue After Another

IT used to be just a side role for someone tech savvy on your team. Now it's turned into a fulltime job or two - or ten. Letting Cure8 handle your IT for you provides with a complete, enterprise-level IT department, often for less than you'd pay for a single fulltime in-house IT employee.

Why Cure8

Track Record of Success

We've never missed a deadline for a launch, are trusted by some of the biggest names in cannabis, and we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating in the industry

Old Hands at Cannabis IT

We have more experience than anyone in cannabis IT in the US and Canada, working with businesses of all sizes and in every vertical over the years, including retail, cultivation, and manufacturing

Experts at Tech

We have the depth and expertise to help with everything from basic POS tech support to advanced cloud, networking, and virtualization projects

24/7/365 Availability

As a team, we never take breaks or vacations, we're always watching your IT, and always ready to respond quickly to emergencies, even after hours, so you're ready to open up in the morning

10 Min Response Time

With certain packages, we can respond to issues in a minimum of 10 minutes for emergencies and can have someone onsite within 2 hours

One Vendor for All Your IT Needs

We can handle all your IT needs from planning to launch and management and scaling, so you only have one vendor to deal with

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