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It's one thing to have security like surveillance cameras, safes, vaults, guards, and commercial-grade locks. It's another thing entirely to actually be secure from most forms of physical and cyber theft.

Learn the difference between the two and how you can truly protect your business.

General IT

IT is one of the last things you think about - until it all goes wrong. Then suddenly you're at risk of losing your license, or your systems go down for days and cost you thousands of dollars.

Learn what managed IT services are and how they keep you compliant and on track.


If you're looking to compete with the MSOs, you need to scale now - and fast. Here's our advice on how to scale your cannabis business quickly across many locations, even in different states and countries.

Includes advice on standardization and leveraging technology.

Retail Operations

Many point of sale systems have offline modes, but they don't always work. Here's what you should do in the event of an outage. Don't overlook the importance of being prepared!

General Retail IT

Avoid these common mistakes when setting up and managing your IT. It's much easier and less costly to not do these things in the first place than to have to fix them later! Learn what they are and how to avoid them now!

Why Cure8

Track Record of Success

We've never missed a deadline for a launch, are trusted by some of the biggest names in cannabis, and we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating in the industry

Old Hands at Cannabis IT

We have more experience than anyone in cannabis IT in the US and Canada, working with businesses of all sizes and in every vertical over the years, including retail, manufacturing, and distribution

Experts at Tech

We have the depth and expertise to help with everything from basic POS tech support to advanced cloud, networking, and virtualization projects

24/7/365 Availability

As a team, we never take breaks or vacations, we're always watching your IT, and always ready to respond quickly to emergencies, even after hours, so you're ready to open up in the morning

10 Min Response Time

With certain packages, we can respond to issues in a minimum of 10 minutes for emergencies and can have someone onsite within 2 hours

One Vendor for All Your IT Needs

We can handle all your IT needs from planning to launch and management and scaling, so you only have one vendor to deal with

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