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Request a full, free assessment of all your tech - including your POS, security cameras, WiFi, back office, and more - by the IT experts at Cure8 today.

Cure8 Advisory Services

Start with an assessment or move straight to an in-depth audit

FREE Assessment

Get expert advice and guidance on your IT. Learn how to fix the tech problems you're dealing with, be more secure and compliant, and get advice on how to use IT to grow your business.

FREE Onsite Walkthrough

After the consultation, we can schedule a walkthrough of your facilities to meet in person and get a firsthand look at your IT and security.

Full Audit ($)

If desired, we can proceed to a full, in-depth audit of your IT and security for security, compliance, performance, reliability, and alignment with your business's goals. We'll agree on the scope and pricing of the audit beforehand so there aren't any surprises.

Get Up to Speed on the Latest Tech

As a cannabis business owner or manager, you don't have time to keep up on all the latest tech - things like RFID, digital signage, cloud video surveillance systems, and new POS features. We can fill you in about all the tech that's relevant to your business, and advise on you the benefits and costs of each so you can decide if they're a good fit.


Confirm You're Compliant

You think you're compliant in regards to things like security cameras and track-and-trace software, but it's possible you're overlooking certain details or you're not up-to-date on all the latest regulations. We can take a look and make sure.

Ensure You're Secure

Following your state's security regulations is one thing; actually protecting your people, products, money, and data is another. We can review your current IT and security systems to make sure you're following industry best practices and are protected from the latest threats - not just robbery and burglary, but internal theft and cybercrime, too.

Cyber security for the cannabis business
Our IT experts monitoring and protecting Cannabis Business 24/7.

Fix Recurring Issues

You and your employees shouldn't be spending any of your time dealing with recurring tech issues, like POS outages, internet outages, and swapping out broken hardware. You may be able to prevent these issues through proactive management, or at least pass them off for someone else to handle. We'll take a look at any recurring issues and advise on the best way to handle them and keep them from disrupting your workflow.

Plot Your Next Moves

Regardless of your plans for your business, whether you're trying to improve your current locations or open new ones, you're going to need IT to help you get there. We can offer the CIO-level guidance you need to plan your business, improve, and grow.

Cannabis business it support

Our Services Cover Everything IT, Including:


Surveillance System


Digital Signage


Internet and Phone

Back Office

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Why Cure8

Track Record of Success

We've never missed a deadline for a launch, are trusted by some of the biggest names in cannabis, and we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating in the industry

Old Hands at Cannabis IT

We have more experience than anyone in cannabis IT in the US and Canada, working with businesses of all sizes and in every vertical over the years, including retailers, cultivators, and distributors

Experts at Tech

We have the depth and expertise to help with everything from basic POS tech support to advanced cloud, networking, and virtualization projects

24/7/365 Availability

As a team, we never take breaks or vacations, we're always watching your IT, and always ready to respond quickly to emergencies, even after hours, so you're ready to open up in the morning

10 Min Response Time

With certain packages, we can respond to issues in a minimum of 10 minutes for emergencies and can have someone onsite within 2 hours

One Vendor for All Your IT Needs

We can handle all your IT needs from planning to launch and management and scaling, so you only have one vendor to deal with

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