Retake Your Day with Cure8 Managed IT

Spend less of your day on tech and more on what matters with Cure8 managed IT services.

Managed IT Services

Request specific services or bundle them as part of a monthly managed IT services package

Remote Support

Rapid, friendly, and expert tech support via phone, email, and/or remote connection. Available up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Guaranteed responses as quick as 10 minutes. Purchased in block hours as part of your monthly plan.

Onsite Support

Need in-person help for issues like hardware failures and installs? You got it. Depending on your service plan and area, we can be there in as little as under 2 hours. Purchased in block hours as part of your monthly plan.

Network Management

Ensures the maintenance of a fast, reliable, and secure network. Includes performance, security, and uptime monitoring and troubleshooting of all network equipment including switches, firewalls, and access points.

Mobile Device Management

Keep your tablets secure and in peak condition. Ensures all updates and only approved apps get installed and web access is limited to work-only resources.

PC Management

Keeps your PCs fast, reliable, up-to-date, and protected. Includes monitoring, preventative maintenance, antivirus installation and management, and patch management/managed software updates.

Surveillance System Management

Make sure your surveillance system is always on, always working, and always meeting requirements. Includes real-time monitoring, continuity testing, and updating of cameras and NVR.

What We Manage


Surveillance System


Digital Signage


Internet and Phone

Back Office

Spend Less Time on Tech

Are you and your employees spending too much time fixing and maintaining your tech, dealing with issues like POS outages, internet outages, and broken hardware? Cure8 can manage and support all of your tech for you, taking it off your plate and resolving a lot of recurring issues through proactive maintenance.

Our IT experts monitoring and protecting Cannabis Business 24/7.
Cannabis business it support

Put More Time Into Sales & Growth

Cure8 frees up your time, allowing managers to focus on higher-level issues like hiring, products, marketing, and expansion plans, while keeping employees focused on completing sales and making customers happy - not fiddling with a receipt printer for the 1,000th time.

Make Quicker & Smarter Decisions

It's important to think and act quickly in a fast-moving industry like cannabis, where everyone is trying to achieve first-mover advantage or adjusting to constantly-changing market conditions. Cure8 helps free up your time and your mind from the distractions and worries of IT.

Cure8 security services can help you comply with all applicable laws and keep regulators off your back.
tokyo smoke logo

How One of Canada's Dispensaries Never Misses a Sale

The Tokyo Smoke on Yonge Street in Toronto, Canada, is one of the largest and busiest cannabis stores in Canada. Any IT outages can cost them thousands in lost sales and diminish their well-earned reputation. That's why this Tokyo Smoke relies on Cure8 to proactively manage, maintain, and support their IT. As a result, the store never misses a sale, and the managers and employees all have someone to call to get support quickly in the event of a problem - even after hours.

Why Cure8

Track Record of Success

We've never missed a deadline for a launch, are trusted by some of the biggest names in cannabis, and we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating in the industry

Old Hands at Cannabis IT

We have more experience than anyone in cannabis IT in the US and Canada, working with businesses of all sizes and in every vertical over the years, though we specialize in retail

Experts at Tech

We have the depth and expertise to help with everything from basic POS tech support to advanced cloud, networking, and virtualization projects

24/7/365 Availability

As a team, we never take breaks or vacations, we're always watching your IT, and always ready to respond quickly to emergencies, even after hours, so you're to open up in the morning

10 Min Response Time

With certain packages, we can respond to issues in a minimum of 10 minutes for emergencies and can have someone onsite within 2 hours

One Vendor for All Your IT Needs

We can handle all your IT needs from planning to launch and management and scaling, so you only have one vendor to deal with

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